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What is the difference between the Society and the HPCSA?

The Society is a professional association fostering the interest of its members. Membership is voluntary.
The HPCSA is a statutory body and is there to protect the public, guide professions and establish levels of training for health care workers. Most healthcare workers are obliged to be registered with the HPCSA.

Does the Society have input into the salaries of Radiographers?

The Society is not a union and can therefore not negotiate better salaries for radiographers. 
The Society however often advises the government on suitable career paths and conditions of service for radiographers.

Does the Society represent Radiographers at the negotiating forums?

The Society does not have access to the Bargaining Council as it is reserved for Unions. The  Society is a professional organization and not a union.

Can the society become a union?

The  Society is a professional organization that focuses on professional and continuing education needs. The Society arranges CPD events at branch and national level and publishes a professional journal, for example. Elected office bearers at national and regional levels  are not employed by the Society as membership is voluntary.  Office bearers do not receive payment.

If the Society were to become a union then the focus would only be on labour  matters and not on professional matters. In other words a union focuses on labour  issues only.

What are the membership benefits?

As a members you will:
Receive a peer- reviewed journal twice a year.
Have access to national congresses at a discount.
Have access to regional CPD activities at a discount  (if not free).
Access to Directed Reading Programmes  (DRPs) which can be used to  obtain CEUs.
Have opportunities for obtaining CEUs by completing questionnaire in journal.
Have the right to apply to the Education Fund once you have studied further qualifications.

When applicable have the right to apply for financial support to attend conferences.

What does the Society do for me?

The Society of Radiographers of South Africa (SORSA) interacts at various levels and structures within and outside of government.


  • is a member of the ISRRT (international organization)  thus has access to professional matters at an international level, for example.
  • often provides  input regarding career paths for radiographers.
  • represented radiographers at the Standards Generating Body (SGB) which is responsible for the development of new qualifications for radiography.
  • gives  input regarding tariffs to be charged by radiographers in private practice.

directs concerns to the Department of Health regarding conditions of service for radiographers.


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