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Statements & Position Statements

Position statement on equity, diversity and Inclusivity.

Consensus statement regarding academic bullying and victimisation on clinical training and health care platforms.
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Contrast media administration by radiographers
"During a CT procedure Radiographers are NOT, according to the enabling framework, to cannulate and are NOT to administer contrast media"

Position Statement
Employment of radiographers

SORSA supports all legitimate employment opportunities for radiographers to provide and maintain adequate services to patients.
The objectives in paragraphs 3 (a) to (c) of the Constitution of the Society of Radiographers of South Africa (SORSA) are:

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Position Statement
Vaccinations in the workplace

SORSA supports the covid-19 vaccination for radiographers to work with patients. Many radiographers and students have tested positive for covid-19 since the start of the pandemic in April 2020. Some have sadly passed away from covid-19-related complications. Our condolences to their families and friends. 

  • Radiographers are frontline workers  thus may be  exposed to  bacteria and/or  viruses in their workplace.  Various legislation  pertains to all  workers in  South Africa, including the  Bill  Rights in the  Constitution of  the  Republic  of South Africa, Act 108 of  1996; and   the Occupational  Health and  Safety Act  85 of 1993 as  amended as  well as Schedule A, circular CF/103/2020: notice on compensation for occupationally-acquired  novel corona virus  disease (COVID-19).

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Position Statement
Radiographers are frontline healthcare professionals

The Society of Radiographers of South Africa (SORSA) recognises radiographers in all four categories (diagnostic, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and ultrasound) as frontline healthcare professionals.

Radiographers directly interact face-to-face with patients of all ages on a daily basis. Radiographers are part of a healthcare-team and their services contribute to the continuing management and treatment of both inpatients and outpatients. In most healthcare facilities radiographers provide a service during normal hours and after hours including public holidays.

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