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Code of Conduct for the Profession of Radiography

This “Code of Conduct”, compiled by the Society of Radiographers of South Africa serves as a guide by which radiographers should evaluate their professional conduct and reflect standards of behaviour expected of members of the Society of Radiographers.

In order to perform his/her duties every radiographer should:

  1. provide respectful and courteous care to all patients regardless of race, colour, religion, biological sex, gender and sexual orientation, age, national or ethnic origin, creed or socio-economic status, presenting disease, mental or physical disability.
  2. perform procedures and techniques efficiently and effectively by applying appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge.
  3. provide patients with a full explanation of procedures to be performed and respect the right of the patient to choose.
  4. protect the patient’s right to privacy and maintain all patient information in strictest confidence.
  5. not perform a procedure or examination if in his/her opinion it is unethical or regarded to be harmful to the patient.
  6. report unethical or illegal professional behaviour or practice to the appropriate authorities.
  7. apply the ALARA principle and conduct to all radiographic examinations and treatment procedures with due regard to current radiation safety regulations.
  8. be conversant with the rules and regulations that apply to the profession.
  9. continually strive to improve knowledge and skills by participating in continuing professional development.
  10. co-operate in the training of student radiographers and impart knowledge and skills to them.
  11. co-operate in the delivery of effective health care in South Africa.
  12. follow the guidelines of the Health Professions Council of South Africa with regard to advertising his/her professional services.