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Constitution & Terms

Vision: To be nationally and internationally recognized as the Professional Association representing  radiographers in South Africa, in order to enhance the respect and credibility of the profession by the public and professional communities served by radiographers.

Mission: The Society of Radiographers of South Africa strives to maintain and improve existing services based on the objectives of the Constitution of the Society and to readily adapt to changes that impact on the training and development of health care services at national and international levels.

Constitution 2024 download (400KB) the SORSA constitution.

Organogram download the SORSA management organogram.

Download Sorsa guidelines to comply with copyright legislation.

Download Sorsa policy: Control of any CPD event materials.

Core values:

The Society is committed to:

  • Ensuring quality radiographic service Representing the interest of radiographers.
  • Promoting quality patient care.
  • Ensuring quality radiographic training and development programmes are maintained.
  • Actively encouraging continuous professional development of radiographers.
  • Upholding sound professional ethics.
  • Building a trusting relationship between the Society, its members, colleagues, patients and industry.
  • Enhancing transparency in dealings with members, professional groups and organizations.
  • Working towards a safe and secure environment for all.
  • Acknowledging and respecting cultural diversity by promoting equity of service to patients, the public and members Code of Conduct.

Every member is required to act in  the best interests of SORSA, to take cognizance of the vision and mission of SORSA to strive to contribute to the betterment of SORSA and the profession of radiography to respect the opinions of others to respect the rights of the minority to treat all individuals and groups in an impartial, fair and just manner to declare a conflict of interest when debating an issue or making  a  recommendation to conduct the affairs of the SORSA in accordance with its constitution  and policies to confine debates to the merits of an item under discussion to use a courteous tone and avoid injecting a personal note in a debate to never attack or make allusion to motives of other members to never speak or create a disturbance when another member who has the right to the floor is speaking to abide by the majority vote of the assembly to ensure unity and order to not take discussions outside meetings but instead refer to minutes of such meetings.